What is a Pilates Circuit Class?


Have you ever wondered about a Pilates Circuit class?  What should you expect when you go to a circuit class?  What are the benefits of a circuit class?  What are the challenges of a circuit class?

Traditionally, in Joe Pilates’ studio there were no group classes as we know them today.  People came in to workout and basically did a “circuit” class.  Each client had their own workout to complete and they would circuit around the studio to complete their assigned exercises.  Joe and Clara would oversee all the clients in the studio and assist them to ensure they were completing the exercises as instructed.  I aim to teach my pilates circuit classes in a similar fashion, although we stay in small groups at each station within the circuit.

A pilates circuit class uses multiple pilates apparatus in one class and is often taught in smaller groups that “circuit” around the studio performing different exercises at the same time.  You should expect to use the pilates reformer, chair, cadillac, and mat in a circuit class.  You should expect to work on many different exercises in a small group and flow from station to station in the circuit while getting an amazing workout and having fun with other clients in the class.

The benefits of a circuit class are many – including a quick pace that challenges your strength, stamina, focus, and memory!  All of these can all be a challenge to the workout – you will be asked to step out of your comfort zone and really push to learn new exercises and use different apparatus that you may not be familiar with.  Even considering these challenges, the benefits and rewards are worth it!  You will leave feeling stronger, longer, and leaner!  Come give it a try!  If you are interested in organizing a private group circuit class for special group event, let me know!

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