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Group Pilates Instruction

Group Mat Pilates Classes

Group mat classes really work your core.  It is just you and the mat – there is no apparatus to assist you!  Mat pilates is the foundation of where the practice of pilates (or contrology as Joe Pilates called it) came from.  As you progress in your pilates practice, mat class is a great way to measure your progress.  In a mat pilates class expect to work as a small group of 10-12 people with varying levels of experience.  Mat pilates is challenging but can be modified for most, injury-free clients.

Group Equipment Pilates Classes

Group equipment classes build strength and prepare you for all your functional movements in life.  You will always get a full-body workout in an equipment-based pilates class.  The equipment is fantastic because it can be supportive and help to perfect pilates exercises.  Equipment can also be used to make an exercise more challenging by adding resistance which requires additional balance and strength to perform the movement.  In a group pilates class expect to work as a small group of 6-9 people with varying levels of experience.  Equipment-based classes are suitable for all, including those with recent minor injuries, pregnancy, or those rehabbing an injury.

Please inquire to determine the which group class type and level to try. I look forward to working with you.